Weight Loss Guide | Tips You Must Follow

Weight Loss guide

Considering the sedentary lifestyle that we are living, the ways we stay healthy have changed certainly. Losing weight is undoubtedly one of the most essential things to consider if you want to live a healthy life. Living a life that gives you the potential to unlock is a must.

While there are weight loss foods that you can eat to get in your desired shape, however, it won’t be completely helpful if you are failing to follow specific tips around weight loss. Losing your weight and maintaining an age to weight ratio is never easy.

Weight Loss guide

Losing weight never comes with a pro tip to help you change the way you live. However, when followed correctly, there are certain tips that might help you with an effective weight reduction.

Listed below is the approach that you might want to follow, to lose your weight significantly.

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Tips to follow for your weight loss journey:

1.  Do some weight training:

Doing some intense level weight training might be less effective when it comes to losing your weight when compared to cardio. However, weight lifting is the key to maintain increased levels of metabolism in your body.

Having an increased rate of metabolism is vital as it is quite useful when it comes to long-term diet. Consider weight training to be a mode that improves your metabolism and doesn’t let the body switch to low energy consumption.

However, never forget to consume some protein after a workout.

2.  Improvise with the calorie count:

When on a diet, our body adapts to the function of consuming low amounts of food. The body prepares to cut down on energy consumption. To break it down in simpler words, when we consume low amounts of calories, our body adapts to the new living conditions.

To help you out with improvising the calorie count, we suggest you use caloric cycles. You can play with the number of calories that you intake, consider eating about 1,000 or 1,200 kcal that contains no carbs and consume 1,500 kcal on other days. This way, the weight loss foods won’t slow down the metabolism and create the required caloric deficit.

3.  Drink lots of water, especially before the meals:

Water plays an essential role in our living and also plays a significant role when it comes to boosting metabolism in a body. Studies show that water improves the metabolism rate by 24–30% over a period of 1–1.5 hours. This way, water helps you reduce more calories and lose your weight rapidly.

Interestingly, a report suggests that half a litre of water, when consumed about half an hour before meals helped the people in a diet consume fewer calories and reduce around 44% more weight when compared to the people who didn’t follow the rule.

Weight Loss

4.  Cut off on sugars:

Another great way to reduce your weight is to cut off on sugar intake. It is one of the easiest forms to help you eliminate the calories formed by sugar intake from your diet.

Cutting down on your sugar intake includes cutting off on food items like sodas, chocolate milk, fruit juices, and other forms of beverage that carry sugar in any type.

There is a reason why you should not consume liquid sugar because they do more harm to your body weight than you probably have an idea. Interestingly, it was also found out that a high amount of liquid sugar intake can lead a body to obesity.

Children who consume a lot of liquid sugar, have high chances of around 60% to be affected with obesity at an early stage.

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5.  Homemade weight loss foods are better than consuming ready-made:

Eating your own homemade weight loss foods are far better than relying on the packed or ready-made fruits. The food industry is infamous for hiding facts and figures about the fat and sugar levels that they use in the production of their food.

Moreover, the packaged foods are not helpful for a healthy body due to the preservatives present in them.

Moreover, once you start preparing your food, you will have a first-hand idea of all the ingredients that you are using in your food. Cooking your food gives you the control to decide the amount of food that you need to keep up with an effective weight loss plan.

6.  Keep a strict rule on the hours that you sleep:

While eating healthy and doing exercises is essential, having proper sleep cycles is a must.

Lack of sleep can result in you waking up for longer hours, changing the way you eat and might also lead to you consuming more calories than you are allowed to.


Losing weight might not be easy, but once you have a hang of diets and workouts, you won’t give it up.