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General Information

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About Rishikesh

Delhi to Rishikesh is approx. six hours journey. Taxi cost will be USD 70 for a Sedan (Swift Desire) and USD 100 for an SUV (Tata Indico). You will pass through Ghaziabad to Muzaffanagar entering Haridwar and finally reaching Rishikesh. Delhi is the capital city of India. The third largest urban city in the world, this city houses different attractions including historical monuments, forts, temples, mosques, gurudwaras, etc.

The spirit behind the discipline and rules are to immerse yourself into the yogic lifestyle and allow you to get maximum benefit from your teacher training experience.

  • All students are expected to follow the entire yoga teacher training course schedule.
  • 90 percent attendance is compulsory.
  • All students are expected to be on time for all scheduled classes and remain for the duration of each class.
  • Use of Cell phone is strictly prohibited in the classes.
  • Students should inform the concerned person well in advance if you intend to skip any meals.
  • Smoking, alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited.
  • All students have to engage into Karma Yoga activities.
  • The use of any intoxicant is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated inside the school premises.
  • Teachers and staff members as well as fellow students are to be treated friendly and respectful at any time.
  • The exams in the end of the course are obligatory to join for every student in order to receive the certificate. (Except medical emergencies).
  • While all dining times and every morning students have to follow noble silence.
  • After 10 pm students are required to take rest inside their room. Even if you are not tired yet, please respect the other’s need to sleep.
  • In case you wish to change your course you must inform 30 days before your arrival. Rishikesh Yoga Club has the right to decline your reservation in case your newly selected course is not matching Rishikesh Yoga Club booking and reservation plan.
  • If you decide to leave early, you still have to pay the full amount of your chosen course package. (Even if this decision was being made before course beginning).

Cancellation Policy:

Offline Program: We only accept cancellation 90 days prior starting the course. If cancellation is made later to that, We will be able to adjust your program OR shift program to next available date on request (If available)

Online Program: On online course / live programs, we do not accept any cancellation request once program is booked / fee paid.


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