Things you need to Know for Studying Ayurveda


In the current era, human beings are exposed to so many stressors on an everyday basis. There are physical stressors like commuting to work, sitting in one place in front of the computer screens for eight hours straight to get the job done, etc.

These physical stressors allow less mobility to our body, and this, in turn, is becoming the leading cause of chronic diseases at a very young age. The younger generation is more dependent on doctors and consumes more medicines than food. The human body and the mind are so fragile that without the right care, it will start deteriorating.

Medicine, science, and technology are evolving rapidly, and there is a new discovery every passing second. But the same English medicine, which is a mixture of numerous chemicals, also has side effects like weight gain, weight loss, hair loss, organ failures, hormonal dis-balances, etc. Medicine is used to cure the disease and help the human body, but what good is it if it is causing more harm than good.

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Ayurveda is an ancient medical science or also called the science of life, is about 5000 years old, which can help the body, mind, and soul find the perfect balance with the universe. There are five major elements that form the universe, and that is the space, water, wind, fire, and earth.

Why studying Ayurveda is Recommended?

Ayurveda is not just about massages and therapies. It is a science of life that helps the body connect with mother nature. Ayurveda nurtures the human body with the help of nature by changing the diet, the way a person lives, and also by incorporating small changes to mental health. There are courses to study Ayurveda in colleges and also online, that many take up and excel, but what these courses fail to teach are the underlying principles of the teachings. So, it is also important to know the origin and the history of the evolution of Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda is not just about taking oral medication but also about connecting the mind and body to nature.

Some reputable places practice a proactive approach to help their clients develop a healthy lifestyle and heal them through the methods of Ayurveda. They believe in finding the root cause of a problem or doshas and then giving the right treatment to heal that. Places like Ayurveda authorized centers not only provides treatment but also gives the opportunity to study Ayurveda.

Ayurveda, being a science of life, focuses on the holistic development of a person that contributes to a longer life span and living a healthy and well- balanced life. To study Ayurveda, it is important to understand the basics first. In Ayurveda, there are three doshas, namely the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

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Vata is associated with the wind and is linked to flexibility and creativity. Vata governs all movements, which include breathing, the beating of the heart, contractions of the muscles, and the functioning of the nervous system.

Pitta, a fire element, represents transformation and is associated with intelligence, understanding, and digestion of food, emotions, and experiences. It monitors body temperature, nutrition, and metabolism. Kapha, associated with the water and earth elements, hydrates the skin and lubricates the tissues, joints, and improves immunity.

Ayurvedic treatment covers three major aspects, which is the cure, detox, and rejuvenation. In Ayurveda cure does not mean getting rid of the symptoms. This approach usually tends to have side effects and is not a long term solution.

Cure means balancing the three doshas and regaining the human body’s complete functionality and metabolism. Detox treatments differ from one part of the body to another and the most common detoxification treatment is called Panchkarma. The final concept is rejuvenation, which is basically to regain the lost youth and vigor.

Who can learn Ayurveda?

The Ayurveda courses are generally designed and taken up only by doctors, nurses, massage therapists, yoga instructors, etc. because they have a basic understanding of the anatomy of the human body. So, learning Ayurveda is just an added advantage for them. Additionally, anyone who is interested in learning Ayurveda for self-help, and those who want to understand their body better and make changes to their lifestyle can also study Ayurveda.

The experts in Ayurveda centers help their patients find their way back by eradicating the negativity and impurities with the help of nature, minimizing the side effects and transforming them into new healthy individuals. Join us and learn the magic of Ayurveda medicine and reconnecting with nature.