Intensive Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, India

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh– Kundalini is the dormant energy inside all human beings which runs the entire body. There are 7 chakras which are the pathways for the kundalini to rise. Immense supernatural powers lie in each of the chakras. A person with awakened kundalini and chakras becomes capable of performing miracles. But what is the way to achieve this ultimate form of human existence? Ashtanga yoga describes each chakra symbolised in the form of a lotus. The concealed yogic concept is that as when the sunlight falls on the lotus, it blooms; similarly, the lotus of the chakra blossoms when the sun of consciousness rises and shines through the human intellect. Every human being is born with this supernatural power. We all can be supermen and superwomen with the awakening of the supreme power within.

Let us make the best of our human lives to reach with this Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India to our greatest potential and live our lives to the fullest.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, Kundalini Yoga Training Rishikesh, 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training India

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh Course Fees Includes:


  • An Exclusive Accommodation with attached bathroom and hot water
  • Wifi Internet
  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) – Veg
  • Local sightseeing with outdoor activities like River rafting & Rock climbing
  • Yoga Books
  • RYC Club Membership for 25 years – View Benefits

Rishikesh Yoga Club | Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India
Rishikesh Yoga Club | Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India
Rishikesh Yoga Club
Rishikesh Yoga Club
Yoga in Rishikesh
Rishikesh Yoga Club
Rishikesh Yoga Club
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Following Asana’s/Kriyas will be incorporated in 200-Hour Kundalini Yoga TTC Rishikesh Course

Kundalini Yoga Asana:

  • Bhujangasana (Cobra pose- to awake heart chakra)
  • Prarthanasana (The prayer pose -to have reverence)
  • Padahastasana (The standing forward bend – to awake Muladhar Chakra)
  • Tadasana (The Tree Pose – for nourishing our spiritual aspiration)
  • Trikonasana (The Triangle pose)
  • Sahaja Agnisar Dhauti (Awakening inner fire – in Manipura Chakra)
  • Vajrasana (Thunderbolt pose -to cleanse Vajra nadi to promote ascendance of the sexual energy towards upper chakras)
  • Shalabhasana (The Locust pose –Increases the blood supply to the sacrum and lower back)
  • Dhanurasana (The Bow pose – remove constipation and improve digestion)
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana (The Lord of the Fishes pose)
  • Uddiyana Bandha (Upward flying lock)
  • Paschimottanasana (The back stretching pose)
  • Janushirshasana (The head to knee pose- eliminate laziness and weakness)
  • Ushtrasana (The Camel Pose-arousing Manipura chakra)
  • Naukasana (The boat pose – alleviates anxiety and nervousness)
  • Supta Vajrasana (The Reclining Thundrebolt pose – guides the sexual energy through Vajra nadi towards brain)
  • Garudasana (The Eagle pose – improve balance and co-ordination)
  • Nauli Kriya (The Navel Cleansing- Balance the three humours of the body kapha-vata-pitta)
  • Ardha Shirshasana (Half head stand- rejuvenate the brain cells)
  • Shashankasana (The Hare pose – remove stress, arrogance, selfishness and anger)
  • Pavanamuktasana (Massages the internal organ and decongests the liver and sexual organs)

Tantra Prana Kriya (Tantrik Breathing Practices)

  • Kapal Bhati – For Awakening 3rd Eye and emotional cleansing
  • Bhastrika – For Awakening fire centre and Emotional Stability
  • Bhramari – Transforming Brain Waves and cleansing ajna and Sahasrar chakra
  • Nadi-shodhanam – For balancing both hemisphere and activate susumna

Kriya Yoga Practices for Kundalini Awakening

  • Rules and Preparation
  • Postures
  • Chakra Sadhana
  • Practices to awaken Ajna Chakra, Manipura Chakra, Bindu & Swadhisthan Chakra
  • Practices to awake Mooladhar Chakra, Anahata Chakra & Vishuddhi Chakra
  • Moola Shakti Bandha (Root Energy Lock)
  • Uddiyana Shakti Bandha (Abdomen Energy Lock)
  • Jalandhar Shakti Bandha (Throat Energy Lock)
  • Maha Shakti Bandha (Great Energy Lock)

Kundalini Tantra Mudra

  • Hast Mudra
  • Mana Mudra
  • Kaya Mudra
  • Adhara Mudra
  • Bandha Mudra

Kundalini asthi Granthi Kriya (Joints movements)

  • Warm up Exercises
  • Feet and ankle exercises
  • Knee movement
  • Hip movement and rotation
  • Leg cradle
  • Side bening
  • Arms movement
  • Arm swing
  • Elbow movement
  • Wrist and hand movement
  • Neck exercises
  • Chin, jaw, mouth, toungue, eye and head exercises

Kundalini Rituals

  • Devi havan
  • 1008 offeringto shiva and Shakti
  • Visit Devi temple for worship
  • Daily chanting and Arati
  • Bhajan kirtan for kundalini awakening


  • Correct Sitting
  • Correct breathing
  • Chakra Breathing Meditation
  • Mantra Meditation

Cleansing Exercises

  • Jala neti
  • Kunjal Kriya
  • Daily detox
  • Kapalbhati
  • Tratak

Kundalini tantra Philosophy:

  • Introduction to Kundalini Yoga
  • Defination of the Chakra
  • Understanding the Chakra
  • Mooladhara Chakra
  • Swadhisthan Chakra
  • Manipura Chakra
  • Anahata Chakra
  • Vishudhhi chakra
  • Aagya Chakra
  • Sahasrar chakra
  • Kundalini Awakening process
  • Mantra-Shaktipata

Kundalini Anatomy

  • Nadis/Energy channel
  • Chakras
  • Panchakosha (5 sheaths)
  • Respiratory system
  • Nervous system
  • Tridosha
  • Dhatus
  • Vayu

Yoga Nidra

  • Subtle body awakening yoga nidra
  • 31 point blue star yoga nidra

Seven Chakras | Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training India:

Muladhara Chakra

This is the very basic chakra, situated in the pelvic region. The Sanskrit word “moola” stands for the root and the words “adhara” stands for the foundation. This chakra is the foundation of the human beings, physical, mentally as well as spiritually. This is the chakra that is the reservoir of the sexual energy and has Shiva as its lord.

Swadhistan Chakra 

The Sanskrit word swadhistan means the home of the self. This is the higher chakra which tends to have better control over animal instincts of sex, food, and sleep etc which help to maintain our greater identity as humans. Development of this chakra helps to exercise complete control over sexual and basic human instincts.

Manipura Chakra 

The word Manipur signifies the presence of a Mani (a lustrous gem). This chakra is located near the naval region. Manipur chakra is the center of the fire. It is the center which regulates the heat and energy inside the human body. Control over this chakra helps one to achieve supernatural control over the temperature regulation of the body. One can get control over anger and similar fiery emotions with control over this chakra. Control over this chakra also enables complete control of the involuntary functions of the digestive system. This is actually magical!

Anahata Chakra 

This chakra resides in the center of the chest. This chakra is called Anahata because the word means the one that is not hit. Sound or nada is produced when the two things hit together in the mortal world. But when Anahata chakra is developed, one can hear the supernatural sounds that do not exist in the realm of the physical world. When this chakra is opened, one can hear the chants of the sacred mantra in his mind, without making any conscious attempt to do so. 

Vishuddhi Chakra 

This chakra is present in the cervical plexus. This chakra signifies the purity of character. According to Ashtanga yoga, one can dissolve all sanskaras or prejudices when this chakra is awakened. As the chakra resides in the throat region, the blossoming of this chakra leads to a medious voice, quality of oration and convincing powers. As with opening of this chakra, the person becomes free from most of his bad sanskaras, he develops a clear and pious character naturally. Such people are the leaders, spiritual teachers and have the power of Saraswati (the goddess of wisdom) in their voice. 

Agya Chakra 

The Sanskrit word “agya” means the command. This chakra is supposed to be situated in the head region, between the two eyebrows. This chakra controls the entire metabolism of the body & all the other chakras as well which is also called the third eye. The third eye refers to the eye of wisdom, which is beyond the 2 physical eyes. The awakening of this chakra offers deep wisdom and spiritual insight to the yogi. Interestingly, this chakra also coincides with the pineal gland, which is called the master gland. The pineal gland is the controller of all the endocrine glands and orchestrates the entire physiology. A person with awakened Agya chakra is said to possess absolute control over the mind and the body.

Sahasrara Chakra 

This name is derived from a Sanskrit word Sahashtra meaning – A thousand. This chakra is located on the back of the head. Ancient Brahmins and Egyptians used to keep a small hair tail on this point of the head. This is the highest spiritual point in the realm of matter. As this chakra is awakened, the dormant kundalini rises from the Muladhara and reaches the supreme point to dissolve in the divine energy. This chakra, when awakened, helps the yogi to reach the state of Samadhi or ultimate union with the divine power.

Kundalini Yoga in Rishikesh is a place where you can get the required help. We are devoted to the cause of spiritual enlightenment of one and all and we welcome you to explore your inner potential.


200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training India Daily Schedule:
  • 04:00 AM: Japji Sahib
  • 04:20 AM: Kundalini Yoga Kriya
  • 05:00 AM: Mantras for the Aquarian Age-62 minute Meditation
  • 06:30 AM: Breakfast
  • 07:30 AM: Free Time
  • 09:00 AM: Yoga Philosophy/Psychology
  • 11:30 AM: Lunch
  • 12:30 PM: Free Time
  • 02:00 PM: Meditation/Group Discussion/Guest Teacher/Excursion
  • 02:30 PM: Personal Practice Development Discussion Group (life purpose/life lesson/potential)
  • 04:00 PM: Kundalini Yoga
  • 05:30 PM: Dinner
  • 07:00 PM: Meditation/Kirtan
  • 08:00 PM: Free Time/ Tea
  • 10:00 PM: Lights off

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Assessment and Certification:
  • Evaluation will be done on the basis of Assessments which will be based on Written as well as practical exam held every week.
  • Evaluation will be carried out only for those students who have successfully completed their training with at least 95% attendance.
  • On successful completion of your training, our graduates can register with Yoga Alliance (USA) as registered yoga teacher trainer i.e. RYT 200 / RYT 500 as per their graduation.

Upcoming 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh Dates & Fee:

200 Hour Kundalini Yoga TTC – 13 May – 30 May 2018 : $1500
200 Hour Kundalini Yoga TTC – 13 Jun – 30 Jun 2018 : $1500
200 Hour Kundalini Yoga TTC – 13 Jul –30 Jul 2018 : $1500
200 Hour Kundalini Yoga TTC – 13 Aug – 30 Aug 2018 : $1500
200 Hour Kundalini Yoga TTC – 13 Sep – 30 Sep 2018 : $1500
200 Hour Kundalini Yoga TTC – 13 Oct – 30 Oct 2018 : $1500
200 Hour Kundalini Yoga TTC – 13 Nov – 30 Nov 2018 : $1500
200 Hour Kundalini Yoga TTC – 13 Dec – 30 Dec 2018 : $1500
200 Hour Kundalini Yoga TTC – 13 Jan – 30 Jan 2019 : $1500
200 Hour Kundalini Yoga TTC – 13 Feb – 30 Feb 2019 : $1500
200 Hour Kundalini Yoga TTC – 13 Mar – 30 Mar 2019 : $1500


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“Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.”


~B.K.S Iyengar


Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

Yogi Vishnu Ji
E-RYT 500 | Lead Trainer

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, Kundalini Yoga Training Rishikesh, 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training India

Yogini Jennifer
RYT 500 | Yoga Teacher


  • Are Passionate about Yoga
  • Want to be a Certified Yoga Teacher with RYT 200 by Yoga Alliance
  • Want to explore each and every potential of yours in Yoga
  • Actually want to learn and practice Yoga from its origin (The Yoga Capital Rishikesh)
  • Want certified professional trainers who can work on your balancing techniques
  • Need to adapt a yogic lifestyle and learn about better things in life
  • Want to communicate with different people who have joined the yoga community
  • Need to experience the routine of Yoga with daily practice of asanas and meditation
  • Want to dive into your spiritual belongings from the world


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International Recognition of Rishikesh Yoga Club

Being Featured as Top Yoga School in India in World Yoga Teachers Org, An online Magazine was huge for us.

Spl in RYS 200 (28 days) | RYS 200 (18 Days) | Yin Yoga TTC

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh India

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Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh India Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh India Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh India
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, Kundalini Yoga Training Rishikesh, 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training India Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, Kundalini Yoga Training Rishikesh, 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training India Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, Kundalini Yoga Training Rishikesh, 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training India
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, Kundalini Yoga Training Rishikesh, 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training India Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, Kundalini Yoga Training Rishikesh, 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training India Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, Kundalini Yoga Training Rishikesh, 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training India



Have you Experience 200 hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training intensive Or Kundalini Yoga Training Rishikesh with us?


Kundalini Yoga TTC Overall rating: 4.9 out of 5 based on 44 reviews.

Best Place to Learn Yoga!!

5 5 1
Rishikesh yoga Club is one of the best places to have Yoga Teacher Training in the capital of yoga (Rishikesh) A very warm and peaceful place. Filled with love and history with its old house, the staff is extremely friendly, RYC teachers are all certified professionals. It offers yoga classes for adults and children, Pilates, Meditation, Investments, levels ranging from beginner to advanced, schedules every day. I found Rishikesh Yoga Club a best option in Rishikesh to be a Yoga Teacher Trainer...! Namastey!

The Best School in Dharamshala

5 5 1
Rishikesh Yoga School is a school that let you face your own limit and go over them. I just loved it! The trainers, the education, the practices, the food and the accommodation was just beyond my expectation. TOTALLY RECOMMENDED.

A Journey to Remember

4 5 1
Risihikesh yoga clubb has changed my life beyond my wildest dreams !! Each teacher has taken there time personally to help me in growing my practice. They also guided me beyond my training so i would be a successful yoga instructor in my yoga journey. Once you step foot through those doors you will never feel the need to go anywhere else !! You instantly know you won't be judged for your beginner skills. The best part of sonic is that the teachers and students are one big happy family always looking for new members .

Absolute Location to practice Yoga

5 5 1
Love love love the location of Rishikesh Yoga Club for Yoga Teacher Training, the sounds of the waves really add to the experience. Amazing instructors, great classes and knowledge. Thanks.

My 11 Days Experience

5 5 1
hola! here goes one more true review - I was in rishikesh at RishikeshYogaClub for my 11 days yoga retreat experience. I find this place worth living with healthy food and local exursion activities. You will find a healthy & perfect yoga trainers here. i can;t wait to go back to this place in 2019. Thanks for everything #FeelingRelaxed #FeelingRefreshed #YogaAllTime 🙂

Best Meditation Session

5 5 1
Such a wonderful part is getting into meditation after your yoga practise. Get to know yourself withing just 30 mins of meditation. Loved it... Truly feeling blessed to join yoga club in rishikesh.. Best in Class, Truly amazing experience like all yoga friends and yoga trainers.

Wonderful 18 Days 200 hours Yoga

5 5 1
I had such a wonderful experience in 18 days program which is actually designed for people who are having shortage of time (like me). I really liked the way they explain every meaning of yoga attached into it. I personally feel so refreshed just right after spending my 2 days thr. Feeling relaxed now! and YAYY im a certified yoga teacher now! Truly Recommend for BESTEST yoga center in rishikesh.. Julia

Took 14 Days YTT 200

5 5 1
Hi, I was a student of quick YTT 200 Hours which RYC is the only institute covering in 14 days if period. I was not having much time so i choosed a quick YTT course with Rishikesh yoga club.. It was really outstanding experience i had with Yogi Shivraj who is not only experienced but a truly well mannered person as well. Im truly blessed to have such yogi as my trainer. Lots of love and regards - Saint A. (NJ)

A visit to remember

5 5 1
Truly a magical journey with RYC during my 300 Hour Yoga teacher training Course. It was way awesome beyond my expectation. Huge thanks to the whole RYC team who has fulfilled all my dreams of learning Yoga with an amazing experience i can never forget.
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