Are you looking for Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in India? RYC Provides the Best Prenatal Courses available in Rishikesh. Pregnancy is the most crucial phase in the life of the mother and the child. Yoga can provide great benefits during the pregnancy in terms of ensuring a safe and fruitful pregnancy period and ease of child delivery. This is time when there are a lot of changes and challenges in the body, mind and soul. Prenatal yoga teacher training in Rishikesh helps women who feel very lethargic, emotional, confused and rude but through the help of yoga and some cardio exercise; you can survive those mood swings and your changes in the body.

Pregnancy is no doubt the precious time of the life of a mother and all mothers-to-be needs full attention from people around her and an individual care from her husband. Walking and yoga can help you to fight all the negative energy and of course will work on your shape of the body too. According to studies, prenatal yoga helps in reducing the chances of any complications during pregnancy. You will feel better, positive, motivated and warm among all the other pregnant women who have joined this yoga community.

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Yoga offers 3 kinds of Advantages for Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Women:

Benefits during Pregnancy:

  • Relief from nausea, back pain, constipation, stress etc. Yoga also helps to prevent muscle cramps, morning blues, and head ache, excessive thirst, swelling in the limbs or other irregularity during the pregnancy. Meditation, yoga Nidra and other relaxation techniques help the pregnant ladies to release tension and have a peaceful and happy pregnancy. Yoga asana help keep the body supple and helps you to prepare your mind and body to face the demands and nervousness of labour and childbirth.

Benefits during Delivery:

  • Yoga can help to ensure a normal delivery by making the stomach muscles strong. Yoga can keep you limber, tone you muscles, and it is an ideal way for moms to stay in shape. Yoga can also help in reducing the effect of morning sickness, painful cramps and mainly constipation.

Benefits post-delivery:

  • Yoga helps to quickly regain the normal shape of the body for a new mother. It ensures fast recovery from surgical wounds. It also prevents post-partum depression in women. A regular practice of yoga helps you resisting the urge to tighten up when you feel pain, and make it easier to relax instead.

100 Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh Certification in India

Starting DateCourse NameDuration FeeLocationBookings
01 Jan100 Hours Prenatal Yoga TTC10 Days$ 1290Rishikesh, IndiaOpen >> Apply Now
01 Feb 100 Hours Prenatal Yoga TTC10 Days$ 1290Rishikesh, IndiaOpen >> Apply Now
01 Mar100 Hours Prenatal Yoga TTC10 Days$ 1290Rishikesh, IndiaOpen >> Apply Now
01 Apr100 Hours Prenatal Yoga TTC10 Days$ 1290Rishikesh, IndiaOpen >> Apply Now
01 May100 Hours Prenatal Yoga TTC10 Days$ 1290Rishikesh, IndiaOpen >> Apply Now
01 Jun100 Hours Prenatal Yoga TTC10 Days$ 1290Rishikesh, IndiaOpen >> Apply Now
01 Jul100 Hours Prenatal Yoga TTC10 Days$ 1290Rishikesh, IndiaOpen >> Apply Now
01 Aug100 Hours Prenatal Yoga TTC10 Days$ 1290Rishikesh, IndiaOpen >> Apply Now
01 Sep100 Hours Prenatal Yoga TTC10 Days$ 1290Rishikesh, IndiaOpen >> Apply Now
01 Oct100 Hours Prenatal Yoga TTC10 Days$ 1290Rishikesh, IndiaOpen >> Apply Now
01 Nov100 Hours Prenatal Yoga TTC10 Days$ 1290Rishikesh, IndiaOpen >> Apply Now
01 Dec100 Hours Prenatal Yoga TTC10 Days$ 1290Rishikesh, IndiaOpen >> Apply Now

Course Fee Includes: 

  • Shared Accommodation with attached bathroom and hot water
  • Wifi Internet
  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) – Traditional India Food (Veg)
  • Local sightseeing with outdoor activities during weekends.
  • 1 Ayurvedic Message Therapy
  • Pickup from Dehradun (DED) Airport.
  • Certification upon completing Course.

Rishikesh Yoga Club provides 100-Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training India Course which is a Yoga Alliance registered specially designed for yoga teachers, pregnant women and professional care taker for pregnant women. In prenatal TTC, RYC concentrates on the art of teaching safe and beneficial for pregnant women out there. We teach to support students who are pregnant in a healthy and friendly way.

100-Hour Prenatal TTC includes:

  • Practical knowledge about pregnancy- related yogasana and their effects and understanding of yoga practice during pregnancy
  • Understanding of the medical aspects of pregnancy during each trimester
  • Gentle Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Flow
  • Understanding yogic support and preparation of labour and childbirth
  • Proper understanding of alignments and adjustments of body during pregnancy
  • Understanding of power of meditation and chanting during pregnancy
  • Techniques related to breathing for Pregnant women
  • Understanding yogic logical view on in a state of being mother
  • Pranayama and Alom-vilom techniques

Following topics will be covered in this course:

  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle: History of Yoga, definitions, Cultural background of yoga, different paths of yoga like Bhakti, Jnana, Karma and Raja, Gunas, Meaning of Om, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Self-Control and awareness, responsibilities and ethics for yoga teacher, Yogic eating and Ayurveda. This program also discusses how to lean an overall healthy lifestyle.
  • Asana: Multistyle prenatal and after birth yogic poses and asanas, Hatha yoga and Vinyasa yoga flow, restorative yoga and yoga Nidra. In this class, you will also learn about anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and motherhood. You will learn power of Karma and Kriya and Vedic rituals for a new born. You will practice sequencing and balancing techniques for the recovery after birth
  • Self-development: This program helps you develop your own Yoga Teaching style and polish your training skills. Apart from training on yoga skills, you will learn soft skills, time management and group growth and coordination.

Daily Schedule

06.00 AM – 07.00 AM: Self Practice
07.00 AM – 09.00 AM: Morning Asana Practice/Teaching Practicum
09.00 AM – 10.00 AM: Breakfast Time
10.00 AM – 01.00 PM: Theory Sessions (Anatomy, Art of Teaching)
01.00 PM – 03.00 PM: Lunch Break
03.00 PM – 04.00 PM: Theory Session (Prenatal Care/Philosophy)
04.00 PM – 05.00 PM: Analytical Training/ Art of Teaching
05.30 PM – 07.00 PM: Evening Asana, Meditation or Breathing Techniques

Glimpse of Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal care, also known as antenatal care, is a type of preventive healthcare. Its goal is to provide regular check-ups that allow doctors or midwives to treat and prevent potential health problems throughout the course of the pregnancy and to promote healthy lifestyles that benefit both mother and child. During check-ups, pregnant women receive medical information over maternal physiological changes in pregnancy, biological changes, and prenatal nutrition including prenatal vitamins. Recommendations on management and healthy lifestyle changes are also made during regular check-ups. The availability of routine prenatal care, including prenatal screening and diagnosis, has played a part in reducing the frequency of maternal death, miscarriages, birth defects, low birth weight, neonatal infections and other preventable health problems.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reported that in 2015 around 830 women died every day from problems in pregnancy and childbirth Only 5 lived in high-income countries. The rest lived in low-income countries.

“Yoga is a light, which once lite, will never dim.

The better your practice, the brighter the flame”



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Absolute Location to practice Yoga

5 5 1
What should I say about Rishikesh Yoga Club. The absolute location, The absolute accommodation, The absolute Food and the amazing staff members with whom I have spent my beautiful 15 Days. I have never expected this journey would have give me some outraged memories. I am glad that I chose Rishikesh Yoga Club for my deepen my yoga understanding in such a short span. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Wonderful 18 Days 200 hours Yoga

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I had such a wonderful experience in 18 days program which is actually designed for people who are having shortage of time (like me). I really liked the way they explain every meaning of yoga attached into it. I personally feel so refreshed just right after spending my 2 days thr. Feeling relaxed now! and YAYY im a certified yoga teacher now! Truly Recommend for BESTEST yoga center in rishikesh.. Julia

Best Place to Learn Yoga!!

5 5 1
Rishikesh yoga Club is one of the best places to have Yoga Teacher Training in the capital of yoga (Rishikesh) A very warm and peaceful place. Filled with love and history with its old house, the staff is extremely friendly, RYC teachers are all certified professionals. It offers yoga classes for adults and children, Pilates, Meditation, Investments, levels ranging from beginner to advanced, schedules every day. I found Rishikesh Yoga Club a best option in Rishikesh to be a Yoga Teacher Trainer...! Namastey!
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