Yoga Teacher Training (500 Hours) Rishikesh, India

Yoga Teacher Training (500 Hours) Rishikesh is the highest and the professional certification for a Yoga teacher. It is designed to reach a near perfect approach towards yoga teaching in a yoga trainer. Eligibility bars for admission in this course are also higher than the other basic courses.

Total Hours: 500 Hours
Total minimum Contact Hours: 450 hours
Total minimum Contact Hours with Lead Trainer(s): 200 hours

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Dates & Fee:

Starting DateDurationFeeLocationBookings
15 March 201850 Days$ 3499Rishikesh (India)Fully Booked
15 April 201850 Days$ 3499Rishikesh (India)Open >> Apply Now
15 May 201850 Days$ 3499Rishikesh (India)Open >> Apply Now
15 June 201850 Days$ 3499Rishikesh (India)Open >> Apply Now
15 July 201850 Days$ 3499Rishikesh (India)Open >> Apply Now
15 August 201850 Days$ 3499Rishikesh (India)Open >> Apply Now
15 September 201850 Days$ 3499Rishikesh (India)Open >> Apply Now
15 October 201850 Days$ 3499Rishikesh (India)Open >> Apply Now
15 November 201850 Days$ 3499Rishikesh (India)Open >> Apply Now

RYT 500 Fees Includes:

 A Exclusive Private Room with attached bathroom and hot water
Wifi Internet
Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) – Veg
Local sightseeing with outdoor activities like River rafting & Rock climbing
Yoga Books
RYC Lifetime Club Membership – View Benefits

Salient features of Yoga Teacher Training (500 Hours)

  • All the syllabus of Yoga Teacher Training (300 Hours) is included in the Yoga Teacher Training (500).
  • This course includes more practical knowledge and experiential learning about advance Hatha and Vinyasa asanas in the direct supervision of the lead trainer.
  • This course gives you exhaustive 200 hours of overall training with the lead trainer and helps you develop your own style through observation.
  • It includes 150 hours of Training techniques at an advanced level.
  • The subject of teaching methodology is allotted minimum of 30 hours.
  • Advanced human anatomy and physiology; and their relation to the yoga postures are studied for a minimum of 35 hours.
  • Yoga philosophy at an advanced level is allotted a minimum of 60 hours. This course facilitates elaborate discussions to understand the essence of yoga philosophy.
  • Extensive practice of yoga with the lead trainer for a minimum of 40 hours is another important feature of this course. This excludes the time spent in doubt clearing sessions, observation, and feedback.

Advance level of following Kriya covered –

 Jala Neti – Nasal area purification process.
 Sutra Neti – Advanced form of Jala Neti
 Dhauti (Vamana) – Alimentary canal purification process
 Vastra Dhauti (Cloth) – Dhauti involving cloth
 Danda Dhauti Practical & Theory
 Sankha Prakhalana – Alimentary canal detoxification
 Nauli – Massage for the abdomen cavity
 Trataka–Process of intense and deep concentration on a subject. This increases the power of concentration. It develops the dormant inherent spiritual powers in every person. It gives power to eyes. Mental steadiness increases and restless mind becomes peaceful.

Advance level of Pranayam covered –

Anuloma Viloma
Nadi Shodhan (Advanced)
Ujjayi (Advanced)
Sitali (Advanced)
Sitkari (Advanced)
Bhastrika (Advanced)
Bhramari (Advanced)
Suryabhedena (Advanced)
Chandrabhedana (Advanced)

Advanced Level Meditation techniques covered –

Focused attention meditation
Third Eye Meditation
Chakra Meditation
Yoga Meditation
Kundalini Meditation
Kriya Yoga
Sound Meditation